Clinical Trials

Quality Translation Service can save you costs and time on your clinical trial

Accuracy and precision is necessary to address legal and regulatory needs and these needs are more than simple linguistic needs. Our specialists are experts in your specific domain and document purpose as much as they are native-language medical translators.

Clinical Trial Expertise

Take advantage of our extensive expertise in translating specific clinical trial documents: Recruiting Documents, Surveys, Evaluations, Forms, Subject Documents, and Informed Consent Forms
  • Patient Recruitment and Retention Materials
  • Patient Instructions and Information
  • Patient Informed Consent Forms
  • Patient Questionnaires, Surveys, and Interactive Media
  • Package Labeling
  • Protocol Documentation and Investigator Brochures
  • Summaries of Product Characteristics
  • Clinician Educational Materials
  • Case Report Forms
  • Adverse and Severe Events Reporting Documents
  • Study Documentation and Reports

Your Clinical Trial Success Driven Through The Translation

Where cross-border localization and cultural sensitivity is required, your translation team is critical to your success. Our experts understand the culture with which they are working, as much as they understand the background of your clinical trial, the specific document type and purpose, as well as the needs of the language in which they are working.


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