Back Translation

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Where You Will Want Back Translation

Back translation is used when the translation must match the original with the least amount of interpretation. A translator often needs to make choices about how to translate words or phrases, and while this interpretation is often valuable, it is not in these cases.

If you are in a highly regulated business, such as legal, healthcare, financial services, insurance, or engineering, and if it is critical to maintain very specific terminology between translations, or if there is a reason why you need the translation to have extreme fidelity to the original then back translation is a tool used to mitigate your risk.

Types of Back translations Documents

Compliance, investigative proceedings, and regulatory review processes often indicate the need that back translations must be a part of the translation process
  • Clinical research
  • Medical devices
  • Clinical trials
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Consent forms
  • Survey results
  • Questionnaires
  • Polling
  • Research
  • Contracts
  • Legal documents and instruments
  • Case files
  • Insurance policies
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial earnings
  • Financial performance
  • Operating instructions
  • Safety manuals
  • Software agreements and copy
  • Food packaging
  • Import/export paperwork
  • Regulatory filings

Your Experts In Back Translation

Our ISO 17100 certified translation process will capture your need for back translation and pull together the right team including project management, quality assuance and a technical translator who will handle your need.


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