Style Guide Creation

Style Guides are Critical to Translation Effectiveness

For recurring translations or larger projects, speaking with a singular voice can prove to be a challenge. To ensure consistency, a style guide is essential to provide guidance to the translator.

Working with translators is best achieved when a style guide has been appropriately developed and focused on both linguistic and cultural requirements. This ensures that consistency is the result and demonstrates respect for your target audience. It has outsized impact on your success.

What We include in your translation style guide

The style guide is a fundamental document that gives your translators guidance on linguistic and cultural decisions so that your communications are consistent and relevant to your target audience.
  • Reference materials
  • Buyer persona or audience
  • Spelling
  • Usage, punctuation, and grammar
  • Visuals and formatting
  • Voice and tone
  • Company-specific terms
  • Industry-specific terms
  • Keywords

Localized Campaigns Outperform English Versions

Increasing the quality and localization effectiveness of any translation is critical to your success. Our ISO 17100 certified processes provide the foundation for the expert translator to build a style guide that supports content that feels more authentic even when having multiple translators working with your content.

Translating your communications so that they are appropriately localized is difficult enough without having to try, ad hoc, to figure out what was done before. Worse still, would be to present a mish mash of inconsistent translation decisions.


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