Document Review

Discovery in another language is expensive, mitigate your risk and lower your cost by leveraging our linguists to perform a document review. Our native-language linguists will save you money by reviewing a document for just that content that you want and translate only that portion. They will use their subject matter, legal domain, and technical expertise to properly review your discovery documents and cull the precise information that you need to prepare your case with the least wasted expense.

Maximize Value to Cost and Maximize Success

Discovery can be a difficult, slow, and costly part of the legal process. When documents are in another language this can become even more difficult and costly.

Our expert native-language linguists, who are also legal and technical experts, can save you time and money and additional loss, by translating only those specific portions of what you need rather than entire documents.

Relevancy Beats Information Overload

When a large number of documents are produced during the discovery process, or when initial assessments are being made with publicly available documents, there can be a tremendous amount of information that must be culled to identify what is critical and relevant.

Each matter is individual, but when the number of documents is great and their relevancy is not guarenteed, the decision may be to risk losing important information in the hope to lower costs. Our document review solution addresses your need by initiating a lower effort process review rather than full-fledged document translation.

Legal translations

Tax, trusts, estates, immigration, patents, corporate, and medical are all domains we address, with our native-language linguists and legal domain specialists


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