Please Pass the Bangers and Mash and Do as the Romans Do

Localization is the process of recrafting your message so that it resonates with a specific target audience. It uses a deep cultural understanding that can address truly local differences, such as Continental v. Canadian French, graphics interpretation, and local idioms.

Localization can also be seen in issues like text length, measurement units, date formats, and page sizes. Our native-language linguists will look at your app or technology and their translations will address these deeper issues associated with cross-border localization.

In Line, On Line, Your Pie and Soda, Your Pizza and Pop

...Grinders, Subs, Heros; localization can be necessary and impact us in unexpected places and for unexpected reasons. It is possible that your content and even intent might backfire if translated literally or even idiomatically.

In the app space, whether web, mobile, desktop, or embedded, translations of critical words and concepts may not be one dimensional and simple. There is no deja vu in English, and yet, Yogi Berra knows well that it happens all over again. Your tech deserves to put its best foot forward, so let us translate it for you.


Technology translations

Technology may be your product, but communication is your business. Meet your customers where they are through global initiatives that resonate.


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