Website Localization

Meet The Customer Where They Are To Increase Engagement

Translating your site requires both lingustic and cultural translation. If your target market is cross-border, or exists internally as a separate culture, then you must focus on cultural as well as lingusitic translation. These localization efforts drive increased engagement with your brand.

Ourtechnical translators are experts in your domain of expertise as well as in both cultural and lingusitic translation. Coupled with our ISO 17100 certified process and project and quality teams, they are able to deliver the resources that are required to attract your target customer to your brand.

Localization Activities are More Than Just Words

Site layout, navigation and images are just as critical in the localization process. All content on the page is critical. Our technical translators are also experts in the culture in which your translated site will be consumed.

Your site should have the greatest impact possible and this includes: images, colors, styles, graphical layout, navigation, and formatting. Spending time to make your site effective in the target culture demonstrates how much you value your target audience. They will show their appreciation and reward your brand.

Our Website Localization Translation Services

For online businesses growing across borders, NWT can translate a full range of websites and platforms, with services including:
  • eCommerce websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Government websites and service portals
  • Customer service portals
  • Patient portals
  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs and news websites
  • Digital media and entertainment sites

Technology translations

Technology may be your product, but communication is your business. Meet your customers where they are through global initiatives that resonate.


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