Translation Memory

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Translation Memory in Northwest Translations

Technical, brand, immutable content, or difficult to translate phrases can all benefit from a system that stores past translations and provides them to future translators. Reduce turn-around time and improve quality for your translation projects through a continuous translation memory project.

The Benefits of Translation Memory

Leveraging a translation memory imeans that future translators won't have to spend their time translating the same text over and over again, and with this comes a long list of benefits.

Consistent Translations

If a decision has been made to use a specific phrasing in the target language, you want to be sure that it is applied consistenly to ensure the audience gets the meaning intended.

Improved Quality

Improved quality is assured because the translation memory itself serves to ensure that the choices made by the team do not contain simple avoidable errors.

Centralized Database

With a system controlling the memory, it is easily accessible from anywhere, by anyone who has access.

Faster Time to Market

Let your translators focus on the original content and not having to rehash content already translated. Your translators get to focus on higher-skilled tasks, like identifying if the translation memory has applied the best translation or has all the appropriate phrases.


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