On-Site Interpreting

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On-Site, In-Person, Maximum Impact

When you need to have the maximum impact for your in person on-site meetings, events, health care situations, and legal activities the most effective solution is an on-site translator.

At times, an on-site translator is required for regulatory reasons, but even for all those other times, in-person translator adds value by being able to address cultural visual cues and body language that is not apparent remotely or over the phone.

Industry, Language, and Cultural Expertise

The value of an on-site interpreter is more than just that of translating between parties. There is often a need for domain or situation specific knowledge and expertise. Likewise, being able to properly interpret body language or non-verbal cues is important to the larger communication that is occurring, as can be the case, in conference, courtroom, deposition, medical and heath care, and sales call translations.


American Translators Association Member
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