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Meet the Customer Where They are to Increase Engagement

Translating your application touches all the text on your icons, windows, dialog boxes, menus, check boxes, and error and status messages displayed on users’ screens. This may appear to be a simple process, but an icon that supports a single Chinese character may be too small for the corresponding English word. Further the image that makes sense to the user in China, may not make sense to the user in the UK or in Israel.

Our technical translators are chosen for your project based upon their expertise in what you are trying to accomplish. Our ISO 171oo certified processes match cultural and linguistic skills, knowledge and expertise in your application type, and UI or UX expertise, depending on your specific needs.

Our Website Localization Translation Services

For online businesses growing across borders, NWT can translate a full range of websites and platforms, with services including:
  • eCommerce websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Embedded applications
  • Medical devices
  • Phone apps
  • Tablets
  • Desktop applications
  • Digital media and entertainment sites

Technology translations

Technology may be your product, but communication is your business. Meet your customers where they are through global initiatives that resonate.


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