OPI Telephonic Interpreting

Expanding your business’ reach through our ISO 17100 certified processes and our native-language linguists and meeting the most stringent international translation standards, since 1993

The Communication Gap Bridged

Over-the-phone translations that are instant, unscheduled, and always-available can power your business. Whether your business relies on OPI for every transaction or whether it is a specialized need, when you do realize that you need an on-demand real-time OPI is as easy as making a phone call to have an interpreter on the line to assist with bridging your communication gap.

Certified Interpreters with Subject Matter Knowledge

Our three-way calls include the interpreter and the two participants who need help bridging the language gap
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Health care
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Technology industries

Advantages of Over-the-Phone Interpretation

When parties do not speak a common language and want to communicate, a quick call allows a remote interpreter to join them.

Availability and Convenience

Always on, always available. All you need is to be able to make a phone call; and you will be communicating in over 100 languages.

No Internet Requirements

Data service is still very expensive in many localities, further, audio and video communication requires a stable low-latency connection. The phone is still the easiest and most common way to communicate in real-time, with the least cost, and greatest reliability. OPI Translation is great for all these environments because it is always there and it just works.

OPI Enables Communication Between Diverse Groups

Globalization has made the world smaller than ever before. Expedient travel and global trade have made the need to communicate with speakers of other languages much more likely, and also less predictably. Over-the-phone interpretation can remove hurdles and enable seamless instantaneous communication.


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